Silver pro

• Pro+ Slide-Out Step System is produced in accordance with existing regulations for the bottom of the vehicle body.
• Pro+ Slide-Out Step System is made entirely of aluminum material.
• Foot press surface of 20x20 mm thick full aluminum side carriers consist of a 20 mm thick aluminum pull profile material. The foot pressing part consists entirely of aluminum material. The eaves on the aluminum surface prevent the foot from slipping.
• Sliding beds are used in our step system. Aluminum step groups work on carriers from Derlin materials.
• The engine used in our step systems is the engine with the IP54 protection class. The engine is specially protected to become water-proof. It has passed 1,000,000 cycle on-off tests.
• Thanks to its rigid structure, our motorized steps can work smoothly and safely on 30 degree sloped floors.
• Systems have passed EMC tests and certified in accordance with ECE R10 Automotive Directive.
• In case of a possible mechanical or electrical failure, the outside stepping surface can be placed in vehicle by removing the bolts under the motorized steps.
• If an obstacle prevents step’s opening, the motorized step closes back. If it keeps running into obstacle for three times, the motorized step closes, protects itself and does not come out.
• When the motorized step is out, in case of any malfunctions, it gives a malfunction warning sound as soon as the engine starts to alert the user.
• If the vehicle speed is above a certain limit (5 km/h), the motorized step does not open. If the vehicle moves while the motorized step is open and the speed exceeds a specific speed limit (5km/h), the motorized step automatically closes back.
• The Veldo Slide-Out Step System is shipped with all mounting parts. In this way, it is possible to assemble easily.
• It can be manufactured in desired sizes besides the standard measurements.
• Our product is guaranteed for 2 years under warranty terms.
• Can be installed on all commercial vehicles.
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